Making Your Own Music

You know you love music, but aren’t sure how to articulate it on paper. A little determination and desire to create music is all it takes to get you started. Becoming a songwriter can be incredibly rewarding and knowing where to start can definitely take some stress off.

Go somewhere you feel inspired. Whether this is a physical or mental place doesn’t really matter. Make sure you have some peace and quiet to let your inspiration in, though. It’s hard to let those creative juices flow with a radio blaring in the next room.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write a song ‘today.’ The best way to get started is to just mess around a little. Whether you are strumming the cords on a guitar, putting a few notes together on the piano, or humming an interesting tune…it doesn’t really matter. It’s while you are messing around that you usually stumble on something you like. You’ll find it much easier to write a song when you approach it in a fun way.

Start thinking about what you want to say. We all have a story to tell. Whether it’s out of our every day life or a fantasy we hold, really doesn’t matter. Find something that is important for you to say or that represents you as a person and an artist. This will give you great direction for your piece as a songwriter.

Remember to stay prepared. Once you have started writing, you’ll find that inspiration comes from a variety of places. Carry a pen and paper, or a recorder with you everywhere so that when you come across something that moves you, you’ll be ready. Staying prepared also includes keeping your heart open. Being able to listen to others express themselves in different forums, can be very moving and inspiring.

Writing is an ongoing process. Going over and over your song can help you fine tune it. Don’t think once you’ve finished the first draft, you are done. Typically it takes quite a few drafts to get the finished quality you are seeking. Remember that practice makes perfect. Becoming a songwriter definitely takes a lot of practice, but mostly a lot of patience. Good luck and have fun!

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