What is Music for Songwriters?

It`s a website made to make life easier for singers who wants to become songwriters.

Also - it`s a fun & easy way for any songwriter to write new songs and get professional results.

We are a little group of professional producers, musicians and singers who initially made these backing tracks first and foremost for ourselves, ready to be used in our own productions, for whenever we needed something fast and efficient. 

For example, if a client suddenly knocked on our door wanting a commercial ready and finished by the next day.  Or if someone got in the creative mood and wanted to write and record a new song there and then. It`s perfect for that. 

We know it`s not always easy to come up with a striking melody and great lyrics, but once you give it some practise and try to make the melody as catchy as you can - it`s always exciting to listen to the result. Don`t forget - you can also rap. But competition is stiff so you need to put on the creative suit for this one.

We are almost desperate to see what you can accomplish with our music and how all the shows and projects will pan out. We expect an exciting and entertaining journey for all of us - even those who are "only" watching.  Are you ready too? Get in the know by joining our mailing list below.

We aim to become Netflix for Creative Singers who wants to write a new song or an album on their own.

- Jan Helge "Janco" Nes (founder)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Rocketlaunch your music career - Write a song now and become a star tomorrow1.How can I benefit from your backing tracks?

Aren`t you tired of always relying on someone else to get things done? This is your chance to take the first step and get noticed in the music industry. Really, our backing tracks are more than good enough for you to start your own solocareer and release your first single. You can even be a professional musician already and jump right on it.

All you need to do is take action. Do nothing and nothing will happen. Write a song and you never know what will happen with it. It`s very exciting to be an artist today as you can literally become a star over night. Other reasons can be if you :

  • are on a low budget and haven`t got the time to find the right musicians, book a studio, arrange, mix and produce the music
  • need music to your lyrics
  • feel stuck with writer`s block
  • can`t play an instrument but still think you can make some cool melody lines
  • want to invite or challenge a friend, colleague or loved one to write a song together
  • need to showcase your improvisation skills
  • are in a hurry and need to write a new song quickly
  • are playing an instrument and want to showcase your skills by improvising all over the track(s). You can even sell it after
  • have left your band and/or want to kickstart your solo-career
  • enjoy working with unfinished music
  • simply just love having fun with music 
  • need to get the party going! Perfect for any vorspiels or even nachspiels. Karaoke - go home  

2.What`s the difference between your music and other "Royaltyfree music" on the market?
Here you can add your own content (instruments, sound effects, voiceovers, melody lines etc) and resell the finished track as your own. This is called "to create derivative works", where you keep 100% of the rights to the finished song, even if it becomes a nr.1 Billboard Hit. Most other royaltyfree music-providers on the market won`t let you do this. 

3.Can I use your music in any way that I want to? Are there no limitations?
The only thing you are not allowed to do is to give away or resell our music as it is (unchanged). Other than that, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Basically, you can treat our music the same way as you do with "samples" and loops, where most of our samples are over three minutes long.

4.Can I use your backing music on my next CD album?
Yes, once you have added a vocal melody line, instrumental part or spoken word etc to our music you can release it anywhere you want under your own artist name and title.

5.Do I have to write your name in the credit list on the album cover etc?
No, but we would be happy if you did.

6.What if I make a song with one of your backing tracks and another artist (who have also used the same backing track) accuses me of copyright infringement?
When you have written the melody and/or other content to our backing music, you should register your song as soon as possible to protect it. See more details here. When you have paid for any of our backing music tracks (our property), you are given a license from us which allows you to use it as you wish as long as you add enough content to it so it validates a new & unique copyright, i.e. you can create derivative works with it (write a new melody and/or add other content to it) and resell it under your own artist name, keeping 100% of the rights to the new track (your property). You also acknowledge that other artists may do the same with our backing music (our property).

7.Is there a money back guarantee?
Sadly, no. Due to the nature of the product (downloadable mp3-files), we hope you understand that we can not give you a money back guarantee. If you think that sounds unfair, try to imagine how much time, money and effort you save by using our backing tracks. Thank you for understanding.

Be a star - Actual reality show


Created with the backing track "Flowerjoy", here`s the musicvideo to "We are", the new supportersong for the norwegian sportsclub Tveit IL - performed by Frank Wold Pettersen :
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This is where we share our inner musical thoughts, ideas and perhaps some other things in life we wonder about. What is inspiration? Where do you get your ideas from? Why do we react different to music?

Our music blog is sadly not a manual or recipe for success, but you knew that already, didn`t you? It`s more of a mixed bag with emotional and rational questions many musicians will relate to - and perhaps, not so very rational answers. But at least we try. Please don`t waste your precious free time watching tv and Netflix all the time. We know, life is hard. And you want to relax when you come home from work. But if you are serious about your music, you will not get anywhere if you don`t take action. Passive activities like watching tv will not get you anywhere. This is a golden opportunity for any singer to rocketlaunch his or her musical career, without breaking the bank account or budget. 

Internet - The Anarchy Evolves 

Yes, yes yes - the internet keeps evolving. What else is new?

Nothing special. But we need to get our minds wrapped around the fact that it is NOT impossible to make a living out of writing and producing songs and music, if you learn how to control just a little part of it. 

But first you need to understand how it works. And that is not a minor task. Especially when it is in constant change, hereby evolving. So - what CAN you do to prepare yourself and take the first steps into the new reality? 

Whatever you…

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Why do you write songs? 

There are many reasons to write a song, but let`s narrow it down to 2 main why`s  :

1.Emotional reasons (f.ex you feel there is something/a feeling you need to get out of your chest)
2.To become famous and/or make money

Are we saying its wrong to write music to make money or to become famous? No, not at all.

However, we believe it is easier to become successful if you put your true feelings behind it.

Thats all, folks.

Happy songwriting!

What is a good song? 

Aha, so you`ve just finished writing a song and feel very ecstatic and happy about it. This must surely be what everybody will love to listen to, right?

Unfortunately, no. That is not how it works. And you know it.

So what is it that makes a song good, or even better, great?  The socalled "experts" might have discussed this issue since the birth of Adam, but they never seem to agree with eachother. Some say its the melody that makes it great, while others argue that the lyrics are most important. Then…

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How to remember your idea - record it everywhere 

You must record your idea onto something before you forget it. (Or write it down if you know how.)

But the most important thing is not how good quality recorder you have got, but that you have got one available.

There will always be a studio around to record it in later, with better quality and all of that, but your idea will get lost if you don`t save it.

You can use anything from an old laptop to your mobile phone, as long as it got a built in microphone.

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Music and Art: Bringing Nations Together 

Music Bands: Bridging the Gap

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For the Love of Guitars 

  For the adoration of guitars in its emergence within the world of music; people have travelled a long way to find its beautiful sound. Hearing and sight are a couple of the senses triggered by the music coming from the strumming of the strings. Many cultures look forward to the reinvention of the guitar's orchestration in a new piece of music.

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Simple Steps towards a Successful Career in the Music Business  

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Where Did the Music Video Come from  

Although the first music video ever broadcasted was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ played by MTV in 1981, some consider the music video to be much older than that year. It seems that the film Alexander Nevsky, directed by Sergei Eisenstein in 1938 had some extended images of battles which had been choreographed by Sergei Prokofiev. These new scenes were so innovative that they have lately been considered to be the first music video.

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Making Music: Swaying The Crowd With Your Tracks 

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Music's Influence On Thinking  

  Music as a cultural form can be examined in terms of the meanings encoded and decoded by different producers and audiences. Specifically, producers of music operate within the context of certain political, social and economic conditions and with the particular intentions. These could be to perpetuate an ideology through the exercise of ideological hegemony or to express resistance. On the other hand, music is used by people in structurally subordinate positions to comment on social problems, express…Read more