Write new songs by singing to our music. Keep the rights. Start your own solocareer. Get better paid jobs in the music industry.


........  Make up your own melody and lyrics to our music  ........

Be creative - Good luck!

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(there are over 200 more tracks in different styles available in the Music Library)

Yes, it`s that simple and it`s called toplining. 

A topliner is someone who writes lyrics and melodies to existing music.

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Promote your songs everywhere. All income from sales and stream is yours. Even if its played on radio or TV. You get 100% Royalties.
Promotion and marketing is live or let die. Nothing is more important when it comes to your artist career. Everything depends on it.

But your songs need to be flawless before you release them to the public. At least if you are trying to compete with the big ones.

However, there are ways to promote and market your songs differently than your competitiors, and we will show you exactly how we do it.

Being different is a good thing online and being an underdog shouldn`t necessarily be a bad thing. Join us and find out.

And being different also describes our newest product, V-Tracks :

V-tracks makes you listen to your new song with different music styles.
V-Tracks are simply instrumental beats that keeps the same tempo and chordprogression.

This means that once you make a melody (using one of the V-Tracks), you can switch between the different V-Tracks to find the one you like best.

Have you ever wondered what your song will sound like with a completely different music arrangement? Well, now you can. But you will need to use a V-Track when you write your next song.

There are many true stories about how a switch like this can make or break a record. Did you, for example, know that "Forever young" (Alphaville) was originally made as an up-tempo track? Then the producer came in and told the engineer to pull down all faders except the synth. And it became a classic.

We will keep developing the V-Tracks and we invite you to join us in this quest for making a living out of our musicmaking. This must be the main goal for anyone making music out there. Imagine quitting your daily job and only focusing on making the best music possible. Can you do that? 

Is there anything better to do on this earth than making and listening to music? You can always practise making children, but except from that, we think making music wins the whole kaboosh. And this is what is on our minds - night and day - so if you join us, you know what to expect. 


From a singer`s perspective - using our music is a very convenient way to write a song.

You don`t have to play any instrument yourself and you don`t have to wait for the band to get ready and all the stress it takes to organize everything.

Now, the music is ready so you can enjoy yourself at home when you`re writing your next masterpiece.

Join the "Be a Star Show" and kickstart your music career. We`d love to have you on our team and we are ready to work together with you on your next projects.
 The Legendary Mike Hill`s Be a Star Show

Now pre-launching with V-Tracks. Send us an email and tell us about yourself if you are interested in joining the show as either a singer, songwriter or producer. 

There will be exclusive private competitions to join when you become a member. This will be handled by a 3rd party, so there will be no cheating. 

We are musicians ourselves and we are making this website because we want to help our fellow musicians with writing new songs - and getting professional results.

We will also show you that we use the music in our own productions. And you are invited to join us and make music with us. We will also be competing with you and it might even become quite entertaining as we progress. We are all looking very forward to this...

Don`t forget it! Always record all your musical ideas or songs onto your phone or whatever you have got available. If you don`t, it will be forgotten and lost.
Yes, this is very important. Especially jamsessions (when you sing to something you don`t know, you improvise and this is called jamming - like when you jam to our music) can be very valuable, so record everything! Why?

Let`s take a deepdive down into our archive all the way back to 2006, so you can listen to how an old jam between Claes Sletten (drummer) and Jan Nes (piano/synth) is turning out today. This was recorded as a typical "let`s just check the sound and play a little bit for fun"-kind of session. It was before the "real" studiowork began.

Pharaohs Diary 2020

Music For Songwriters - Twinhead

From the coming album "All is fair in love and war", Twinheads very first release - "Pharaohs Diary" is based on a jam session between Claes Sletten (drums) and Jan Nes (keyboards). They have also produced many of the backing tracks here on MFS. However, this is not the finished version - only the prerelease. Signup to our mailing list for a free download and find out more about how you can make a difference. We are looking for both male and female voices in our music. This is only the intro of the jam, which lasts for over 40 minutes, so its basically a full album divided into parts. The story is based upon real life incidents. More info inside.

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"This really is one of the quickest, cheapest and problem free services of its kind I have come across on the web."
Rick Jamm (Jamsphere Magazine)

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Our backing tracks are perfect for : Theatres & Musicals - Comedy & Tragedy Shows - Radio & TV Programs - Film and Documentaries - Video Blogs - Your Next Song or Album


Writing songs like this is strictly forbidden by most other music-providers out there,
because their "royaltyfree music" is copyrighted by someone else.

We produce and own our music 100% and can therefore
offer legal licenses to you so you can use our music this way.

This process is called creating derivative works.

You can also use our music as
background music in your videos on Youtube etc.,
but never sell it the way it is.


You plus our backing tracks equals your song

How it works

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