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Rod Stewart and Mike Hill - Classic Rock Festival - Sandnes, Norway

The Legendary Mike Hill is a familiar name in the live-music circuit, having been performing in famous venues regularly across the UK and Norway since the 70`s. Finally, he’s decided that it’s time to etch his work into stone with his first full-length album, Legendary Cuts, which already has two singles released on Spotify.

Mike Hill’s music repertoire spans a variety of genres as colorful as his illustrious career, but his first love has always been rock’n’roll, which has formed the groundwork of Legendary Cuts. The album features old-fashioned country rock with a modern twist - think Nashville-style guitar that’s overdriven, and then shaken and stirred for that extra fizz.

Most of the tracks were recorded 15-20 years ago and are now being remixed and mastered to keep them sounding slick while preserving the energy of a live performance from an era where rockstars lit up the stage with their fiery antics and catchy guitar riffs. The result is a perfectly-aged time-capsule of a music collection that sounds great through modern devices while transporting you back to a time where live music was performed with passion by live musicians - no electronic samples here.

Mike Hill’s biggest passion is entertaining people, and his love for uplifting his audience shines through his unpretentious songs that he wrote as a reflection of his emotions at the time - an emotional snapshot of an artist born to perform. Legendary Cuts is a roll-call of positive, exciting music that’ll energize you to get up, pour yourself a drink, and dance away in your living room.

The album, while energetic, isn’t an unstoppable freight-train of musical momentum. Mike Hill always keeps his audience in mind and has intentionally inserted powerful ballads in between lively songs to give his listeners time to breath and relax before the next round of dancy guitar riffs.

Currently, Legendary Cuts has two singles available for streaming on Spotify - “Be a Star” and “Impossible”.

Mike Hill - Be a star

“Be a Star” has everything you’d want from a country song that’ll get you jigging and jiving along at home. The uplifting tune will take you right back to the 1950`s Nashville country, with plucky guitar, train-track drums, whimsical lyrics, and a feel-good vibe that’ll keep you feeling great long after the song has ended.

Our reviewer writes : 

"I absolutely love this song! It's a simple yet enjoyable feel-good song that I start many days with. True, it's a little old school and some would say gimmicky, but I think that's part of the charm. Regardless, I have this one on repeat to get my mornings up and running.

The guitar solo is a nice touch too, featuring some classic plucked guitar. Music as a whole is quite playful and engaging."

Click here to listen to "Be a star" on Spotify 

Mike Hill on Facebook

Click here to listen to "Impossible" on Spotify

Music for Songwriters - International releases


Jørn Skogheim signs publishing and promotion agreement with MFS.

Jørn Skogheim finds the sweet spot in our studio.

National newspapers in Norway call him "The Norwegian Pat Metheny".
Jørn Skogheim is a brilliant music composer and an amazingly skilled jazzguitarist. Mr Skogheim is also a master of the clarinet, arranges seriously complex music and whistles like we`ve never heard anyone whistle before. The genius musicality of this man far overshadows our ability to comprehend his advanced compositions and virtuos guitarplaying.  

We are very happy to announce that he has signed a publishing & promotion deal with us, and we will do our best to spread his music to as many people as possible.  

Jørn has played concerts and had tours with his own projects in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. Also, he has had several TV and radio appearences in Norway and The Baltic states.

In Latvia and Estonia he met musicians from New York City that he connected with, and he moved to «The Big Apple», where he lived as a musician and composer during the autumn of 1998.

Notable places where he has performed : «Jazzkaar» 1998, «Riga Jazz festival» – 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, «Kaunas jazzfestival» 2000, Molde jazzfestival 1998, Mandal jazzfestival, Garching in Germany 2007, New Music festival 1997 in Riga that was broadcasted over the whole of the former Soviet Union and more.

Click here to listen to "Uncertain steps" on Spotify

Jørn Skogheim on Facebook

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