Kristal T - Pro Singer/Songwriter

Kristal T has co-written the song "Always a First Time" together with founder Jan Helge Nes (Janco from Kristiansand).

Kristal is a professional singer/songwriter and has worked with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Estelle, Mary J. Blige, Enrique Iglesias, Ty Dolla $ign and many more. She has also been Grammy-nominated two times, is a platinum singer/songwriter and is currently signed to Sony Music Publishing.

She has been a professional singer/songwriter for 24 years and specialize in male & female top lines, songwriting (RnB, Pop, Country, Alt., Hip-Hop, Jazz, Inspirational), label ready demo's, music production, mixing and vocal production, vocal arrangements as well as background vocals.

The song "Always a First Time" was written using one of our V-Tracks "Always".

And there were no extra instruments or fx etc added.

Listen on Spotify below (click play):


Instant Creativity.

Welcome to Music for Songwriters. We are here to help you in your musical quest.

Welcome to Music for Songwriters. We are here to help you in your musical quest.

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Mike Hill - The Prototype of a Rockstar

The Legendary Mike Hill`s got it all and a whole lot more. Get involved!

His first single "Be a star" was released 11.11.20 and if there were ever people on the moon, chances are huge that they would be singing, jiving and linedancing to this song up there - after having checked out the dark side of it (the moon, that is). This is the most happy & catchy song we have ever recorded in our studio and we are also very happy to present it to you here. If you are a singer, there`s a challenge for you if you want to get involved! 

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Torine Brunton - Vocal Extraordinaire

Torine is not any ordinary singer. One word : Goosebumps.

Her first musicvideo "The Fallen Rain" was released 30.11.20 and we must admit that we are not sure whether this will become a classic, a one-hit-wonder or something truly special. There`s is also a group of people out there that will be sharing this video on their own facebook-wall. Are you one of these lovely ones? If yes, we are forever grateful on behalf of Torine, ourselves and her fans (you).

Thank you - it means soo much.

Click here to read Torine`s tragic childhood story.

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Country & Folk

Yeehaaah! It`s time to wrap on those boots & denim jeans and get on the train to Texasville. We have done our best to give you the right atmosphere by using all the tricks in the old saloon-book of horseriding beats and gunslinging outlaw chord progressions we can possibly think of. But is it enough? Will you find what you`re looking for?  Tip : Sing it like you imagine it would sound like on the radio... and don`t hold back!


Our blues-tracks goes in either A or E, sometimes in minor. We keep the tradition. The cool thing about blues is that although many songs sounds almost the same - you can get away with almost any melody and lyrics, as long as it sounds good. Still, why don`t you try to stand out from the crowd and do something a bit different? If you`re afraid that your friends or family will recognise you - just use another artistname that noone knows about.

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