*** MEGASHOW ***

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Country & Folk

Yeehaaah! It`s time to wrap on those boots & denim jeans and get on the train to Texasville. We have done our best to give you the right atmosphere by using all the tricks in the old saloon-book of horseriding beats and gunslinging outlaw chord progressions we can possibly think of. But is it enough? Will you find what you`re looking for?  Tip : Sing it like you imagine it would sound like on the radio... and don`t hold back!


Our blues-tracks goes in either A or E, sometimes in minor. We keep the tradition. The cool thing about blues is that although many songs sounds almost the same - you can get away with almost any melody and lyrics, as long as it sounds good. Still, why don`t you try to stand out from the crowd and do something a bit different? If you`re afraid that your friends or family will recognise you - just use another artistname that noone knows about.

Jazz & Latin

Jazz is the most difficult genre we offer. Simple as that. Not easy to learn - impossible to master. There are even few rules in jazz, but be careful so you don`t lose your audience. We have also made some sweet latin tracks for you, but also tried to keep it simple and straightforward.
Remember - you can create new songs this way, but you can also just jam along and showcase your vocal or instrumental skills.

Rock, punk & metal

Saturday night and we`re feeling allright. Are you ready to burn out the rock`n roll`er within you? Grab the microphone and let go of all emotions. Scream and shout. Burn, baby, burn. There`s no party without double distorted guitars and heavy drumming. Give us all you`ve got - this is the most powerful gutwrenching music we have made and the highlight of any vorspiel night - don`t let us down. Let`s go all the way!

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