Music for Songwriters help you write
a professional song in no time.


You plus our backing tracks equals your song

How it works

Listen to the backing tracks in the music library and select the one(s) you like. There are various music styles and tracks to choose from and all tracks are ready for immediate download in highest mp3-quality (320 kbps). 

Add your voice or instrument
When you have downloaded a backing track, it`s time to create a melody, write some catchy lyrics and record your vocal track. If you don`t feel like singing, you can play your instrument. If you don`t feel like singing or playing, you can write a poem or loveletter and read it on top of the music. Be creative.

Publish your song
When you have added your voice or instrument to the music, you are ready to publish it to the world. There are many ways to publish a song and since you own 100% of the rights, you can do exactly as you want. Upload it to Youtube, sell it on your own website, make a CD or simply just email it to your friends.

You should really consider a singer/songwriter-career.”

Jan Helge Nes (founder)

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