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The goal of this website is to offer YOU a garden of instrumental music to write and produce new songs, videos or whatever you want to create - all by yourself.

Being dependant on other people can be a traumatic experience at times. Especially if they don`t deliver the goods.

There are soo many situations you could be in, where backing tracks are an invaluable asset and the perfect alternative to bands and musicians.


You need musical freedom to express, improvise, create and showcase what your spirit is up to these days.


The Imagine Process 

There is so much amazing talent hidden behind closed doors being kept away from public, and many will never get any chance to showcase their voice and/or songwriting skills, due to the unfairness of life. 

However, we at have been close to music most parts of our lives. Founder Jan Helge Nes started up as a live music entertainer, singing and playing keyboards. Then he delved into songwriting and progressed further into music and media production.

“It`s been a fun ride and now I`d like to share some of the experience and knowledge it has given me.” 

So if you manage to hang on, we hope you will find this site valuable in many ways.

We have already used some of the tracks ourselves and even won 1st place on with the track “Fever”.

Unfortunately, though - if you stick with us, you might have to suffer my very limited, but still - amazing sense of humor every now and then. Mostly now, but then again…

Sorry about that. Can`t really help it. 



Writing melodies and lyrics to existing music is called toplining, and it`s been like that for ages, but it hasn`t really managed to break through as a mainstream name yet, as the “old school” recording companies always tried to keep it secret, and yes, some still do - because they wanted and still want their fans to believe the artist or band has written the song(s) themselves. 

The more they can pump up the artist`s status and fame, the better. Nothing better than a godlike celebrity within the company`s ranks. 

Fig 19b: Toplining can be done anywhere and anytime - even on San Diego Beach at sunset.

You are a business

When you are a topliner, you can still write for other artists, but it can be hard to get into the market. Especially in the beginning, so you need to learn to deal with a lot of patience.

But if you`ve got some creative skills with a decent voice, there is nothing stopping you from doing everything yourself. Don`t fight your imagined limitations inside your head. Just ignore them, as they are not real.

We hope you will appreciate the website, what we offer and most importantly ; that you will have a lot of fun messing about with our music projects with us.


Fig 31c: Two eccentric friends and topliners getting ready for the Improvisation Game 

Fig 32a: Time is highly important and a matter of making or breaking an artist. 

Looks like we`re ready to go…!

Let`s get on our marks and enter the World of Creativity !

Don`t put on the backing tracks until you have gotten into the right frame or mind. Then push the record-button BEFORE you play the backing track. You will thank us for this later. 

We can almost guarantee it!

6 Myths About Toplining

Toplining is often surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Here are six of them: 

Myth 1: Topliners don't contribute much to the songwriting process. Reality: This myth suggests that topliners are merely adding surface-level elements to a song. In reality, topliners play a crucial role in shaping the overall composition. They bring melodies, lyrics, and vocal performances that enhance the emotional impact and create a distinctive identity for the song. 

Myth 2: Topliners always work separately from the producers or beat makers. Reality: While topliners can work independently, collaboration between topliners and producers/beat makers is common. Successful collaborations often involve a synergistic exchange of ideas and creativity. The process may vary, but teamwork and open communication lead to the best results. 

Myth 3: Toplining is easy and requires minimal effort. Reality: Toplining is a skill that requires creativity, musicality, and an understanding of song structure. Crafting compelling melodies and lyrics that complement the instrumental track takes time, effort, and a deep connection to the music. It is a demanding process that requires honing one's craft and often involves multiple iterations and revisions. 

Myth 4: Topliners always write lyrics that are superficial or clichéd. Reality: While it's true that some toplines may contain elements of popular themes or phrases, experienced topliners strive to create meaningful and authentic lyrics. Good topliners understand the importance of storytelling, emotional depth, and connecting with listeners on a personal level. They bring their unique perspectives and experiences into their lyric writing. 

Myth 5: Topliners are limited to specific genres or styles. Reality: Topliners are versatile and can work across a wide range of genres and musical styles. Their ability to adapt and create melodies and lyrics that suit different musical landscapes is a testament to their skill and creativity. Topliners can infuse their unique style and artistic sensibilities into various genres, bringing freshness and innovation to the music. 

Myth 6: Topliners always prioritize commercial appeal over artistic integrity. Reality: While there may be instances where commercial considerations come into play, many topliners value artistic integrity and strive to create meaningful music. They aim to strike a balance between artistic expression and creating a product that resonates with a wide audience. Success for a topliner lies in creating impactful, memorable songs while staying true to their artistic vision. 

It's important to dispel these myths and recognize the significant contributions that topliners make to the music industry. Their creative input and ability to breathe life into instrumental tracks play a crucial role in shaping the final product. By understanding the true nature of toplining, we can appreciate and celebrate the artistry and talent of these individuals who bring melodies and lyrics to life.

Topics to sing about

Travel and adventure: Singers can write about the excitement of exploring new places and experiencing new cultures, as well as the lessons learned along the way. 

Success and ambition: Songs about achieving success and pursuing ambitious goals can be motivating and inspiring for listeners. 

Loss and grief: Singers can write about the experience of losing someone or something important, and the process of healing and moving forward. 

Faith and spirituality: Songs about faith, spirituality, and the search for meaning can connect with listeners on a deep and personal level. 

Creativity and inspiration: Singers can write about the creative process, the sources of inspiration, and the joys and challenges of making music. 

Family and parenthood: Writing about the joys and challenges of family life, the bonds between parents and children, and the importance of family support can resonate with many listeners. 

Aging and mortality: Songs about growing older, facing mortality, and leaving a legacy can be poignant and thought-provoking. 

Forgiveness and redemption: Singers can write about the power of forgiveness and redemption, and the potential for personal growth and transformation. 

Justice and activism: Singers can write about the importance of justice and social change, and the role that individuals and communities can play in creating a better world. 

Humor and satire: Songs that use humor and satire can be a great way to entertain and engage listeners, while also making a point or commenting on social issues.