From the desk of Jan Kristian Nes, Kristiansand, Norway - April 17th 2017 :

All the music you find on this website has been produced by Kristiansand TV, a former norwegian media production company founded in 2001 by my father, Jan Helge Nes. He also started this website and has produced most of the tracks, but became chronically ill in 2013 and had to retire. I have been given the opportunity to continue his project and hopefully be able to take it to the next level.

We are located in the outskirts of Kristiansand city in the southern part of Norway. Having participated in many different projects (commercials, studio-recordings, live shows, events, music videos etc) and worked with lots of talented artists and musicians, we aim to be in continual progress and hope that MusicForSongwriters.com will be appreciated by everyone who loves making music.

Cutting a long story short, we normally spend about 2-3 days producing each backing track. This involves the processes of arranging, recording, programming, mixing and mastering the music. So even if some of the tracks may sound "easy" or dull - this is done on purpose - so that the songwriter/artist/instrumentalist can shine when adding the most important piece(es) ; the melody, lyrics, improvisation(s) and/or whatever other tracks needed.

Don`t forget you can use our music in multiple ways and how many times you want to. 

In fact, why dont you start right now and tell your loved one(s) how much you love him/her/them by writing a personal song, poem, rap or whatever you can think of - we can almost guarantee that your effort will be appreciated. 

Just think about it - who gets their own personal lovesong all of a sudden?  Now, that is a surprise of dimensions...


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is allowing which ones to keep."

- Scott Adams
The quick, easy and affordable way to write a professional song

When you buy one of our backing tracks, we give you permission to use it to write your own song.

In other words, when you use our music and add your own voice or instrument to it, the legal term for this process is called "creating derivated works", and while most other so-called royaltyfree music providers out there won`t let you do this, we encourage you to do it and we will love to hear your finished work!

Happy songwriting!

Best regards,

Jan Kristian Nes
Audio tech & Songwriter
Music For Songwriters

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