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Be a Star Tonight!

Don't wait to be discovered. Do what you can to get discovered.

Grab the microphone and turn your dreams into reality.

Whether you want to become the next musical sensation
or just wanna have some fun with your friends or loved ones,
you could be on your way to stardom in minutes.

Rocketlaunch your music career

Incredible results

Whether you have a musical background or not,
songwriting has never been easier.


Amateurs and professionals can use our professionally engineered backing tracks
  to create great songs for pennies on the dollar. And sound as good as the big artists.
We are truly living in rapidly changing times.

Showcase your talent

  Compose your own unique songs with our backing arrangements
recorded by studio musicians and professional producers.

Show us what you`ve got - play your own melodies and solos to our music

If you're a musician, you can simply create your own instrumental tracks
by adding your own unique solo-parts (melody, solo, improvisations etc) to the backing music.
In fact, this is the same way tons of bands have created their greatest hits.
But bands normally spend many hours discussing and sorting out 
all the details that comes up when arranging and recording the music.
Now you don`t need that hazzle. We let you be ready immediately.
The music is literally waiting for you.

It`s fun to make new songs by just putting on the mp3-player and sing and play along with the backing tracks.

Create one, two or as many songs you like. Add them as tracks to an album in progress or
create an entire album from scratch without ever hiring expensive musicians.

Take action now

We provide the music, you provide the talent.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to create and record your own songs.

Once you've created the song, you own it and keep 100% of the rights.

There are so many things you can do with your song(s) once you're done,
and its mandatory to upload it to Youtube and share it with your friends! :)

Use our backing tracks to write your own song
It`s your turn now
However - there are many reasons for you to just skip this and leave.

In fact, over 90% of all who visit this website leaves within a few minutes.
We can not and will not stop you.
But lets get down to the nitty gritty and talk money.
How much do you think it will cost
for you to put a band together and
record, for example, ten backing tracks
in a professional studio?
Let`s say you`re lucky and
find a dirt cheap studio somewhere
with a sound engineer excited about you and your music
(at least pretending to be)
so he will work for a very fair price.
We charged $75 pr hour five years ago (including engineer),
but there are lots of studios with lower prices,
so lets say you got it for only $25 pr hour.

Then your musicians need some time to rehearse,
and while we are talking about them,
how much are you paying them?
Yes, you can be lucky here also and
know a few guys who will do it for fun,
but it will take time and effort, nevertheless.
So how much is it worth to skip that whole preprocessing job
and step right up to adding your vocals to ready-made backing tracks?
$19.95 per backing track is the normal rate on the internet nowadays.
However, our backing tracks are 100% royalty free,
where tracks from other suppliers usually are not.

So that means $199.50 for ten backing tracks,
which is a full album.
Knowing that you have read all the way down to here,
you must be passionate about music and
we will therefore give you an incredible offer if you click here.
If you`re not interested in unbelievable deals like that, 
can we suggest you download and
try out your first backing track?
At no charge, of course.
Absolutely free!
To get started,
sign up to our mailing list
and download your first backing track.

Signup to our mailing list and get your first backing track for free

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