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Legendary cuts

Mike Hill

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Ticking all the boxes - this album is real, raw and tasty! With more than 50 years in the making, Mike Hill`s "Legendary cuts", is deeply appreciated amongst true fans of melodic and humorous countryrock with a solid illusion of sobriety.

All the uptempo songs works perfect at any vorspiel and the ballads will make sure the dancefloor gets packed

Ticking all the boxes - this album is real, raw and tasty! With more than 50 years in the making, Mike Hill`s "Legendary cuts", is deeply appreciated amongst true fans of melodic and humorous countryrock with a solid illusion of sobriety.

All the uptempo songs works perfect at any vorspiel and the ballads will make sure the dancefloor gets packed with lovesick human beings ready to mate.

Play it loud, music lovers!

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In the grand orchestra of life, where the rhythm of time keeps the beat, one musician is defying age with an explosive album and a desire to share his legendary tunes with the world. Meet Mike Hill, the prototype of a rockstar who has not only survived the twists and turns of the music industry but has thrived in its embrace. As he reaches the remarkable milestone of 70 years on August 10th, 2023, he's not slowing down; he's tuning up for a brand-new symphony of creativity. 

A Musical Time Capsule 

"Legendary Cuts," the album that Mike Hill has been brewing over the decades, is finally being uncorked like a well-aged bottle of fine whiskey. This musical time capsule contains songs that have been crafted in the furnace of the last century, each note infused with the essence of an era long gone. It's a testament to the ageless power of music, a collection of melodies that have gracefully withstood the passage of time. 

For Mike Hill, the release of "Legendary Cuts" marks a profound moment of artistic fulfillment. Decades of songs, once tucked away like forgotten treasures, are now being shared with the world. It's a reminder that creativity knows no age limit, and the joy of making music is a timeless elixir that can only improve with age. 

The Challenges of Age and the Symphony of Adaptation 

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of the music industry can be a challenge at any age, but at 70, Mike Hill stands as a testament to the power of adaptability. While some may perceive age as a limitation, Mike views it as an opportunity to embrace new ways of sharing his music. 

In a world dominated by mainstream outlets, Mike Hill is crafting his own unique path to musical enlightenment. He's exploring avenues beyond the usual suspects, finding joy in connecting with fans through unconventional channels. Social media, streaming platforms, and independent music communities are his new stages, where his timeless tunes can resonate with a global audience. 

Promotion with a Twist: Unconventional Approaches for a Legend 

Promoting an album at any age requires creativity, but Mike Hill takes it to a new level. He's not just promoting music; he's creating experiences. Imagine a "Be a Star Show" singing competition, a platform that invites aspiring artists to interpret his iconic track, "Be a Star." This ingenious initiative not only engages fans but offers a chance for fellow musicians to showcase their talents while paying homage to a musical legacy. 

Mike Hill's journey is a testament to the idea that embracing change can lead to unparalleled success. Rather than fading into the background, he's making his mark in an industry often obsessed with the young and the new. His age becomes an asset, a symbol of wisdom and experience that enriches his music and resonates with listeners across generations. 

A Timeless Inspiration: Encouragement for Artists of All Ages 

As Mike Hill stands at the threshold of his 70th year, he embodies the spirit of perseverance, the power of creativity, and the enduring magic of music. His story is a beacon of inspiration for artists of all ages, a reminder that it's never too late to pursue your passions and share your gifts with the world. 

So, to all the aspiring artists out there, take a page from Mike Hill's playbook. Embrace your uniqueness, find new and unexpected ways to share your creations, and let your music resonate far beyond the confines of age or mainstream expectations. As the legendary "Be a Star" project shows, the stage is open, the audience is waiting, and the melodies you create can be a symphony that echoes through time, touching hearts and souls for years to come.

He even started up as a bassplayer in his youth and his band was about to be signed by a major record label back in the 70`s. There was only one obstacle.

What obstacle?  
The record label also had another band in sight. And they would only choose one of them...

Mike Hill is tuning the ampflifiers - do they go to eleven?

Who was the other band?
A band you might have heard of: Yes.
Click here to enter their website ; Yesworld

So why is the album called "Legendary cuts"?
Because many of these songs were written in the last century, when men were men and women were women. In fact, many of these songs were written in the last millennium. Now that speaks volumes. 

And what kind of music is this?
Mike delivers a tasty portion of no-nonsense, good old fashioned countryrock with a modern twist - plus an extra emphasize on rock where you`ll get lots of guitars, mostly overdriven, shaken and stirred to the core.

If you like to listen to bands like The Eagles, Smokie, Creedence Clearwater Revival or even Dr.Hook - we feel confident you might enjoy these legendary cuts even more.

They are very catchy, easy to sing along to and pleasing for those who enjoy a good swing or two on the dancefloor. 


Mike Hill - Legendary cuts - Explosive & Irresistable

Most of the songs were recorded in our studio almost twenty years ago, and is now being remixed and mastered. Sadly, some of the mix-tracks have gone missing, so we`ve only got the original master. But we hope the passing years have preserved the energy well enough and that its been aging like good wine or even Whiskey. 

It`s almost shocking how time not only flies away, but has actually started teleporting at times.

The musicians playing on these tracks are not all norwegish, but there is no doubt (oh no, not that famous pop group again?) that this creates a special atmosphere and sound for every track that comes on, especially if you put them on one after another. But we feel they fit together anyway. Like hands in a glove. Sunshine and rain. England and brexit. Trump and trouble. Mortgage and musicians. 

All the credits in the legendary world goes to:

Mike Hill - Vocals, ac guitar
Robert Wilhelmsen - Guitars, programming, mix, master
Gordon Hauge - Bass, guitars
Claes Sletten - Drums
GT Ugland - Guitars
Leif Egil Helgeland - Guitars
Trygve Hanssen - Drums
Lars Otto Sannes - Guitars
Bent Jahnsen - Keyboards
Geir Gulliksen - Drums
Jan Ove Johansen - Guitars
Helga Hægeland - Backing vocals
Jan Helge Nes - Keyboards, b vocals, programming, mix, master

The band "Berlin" (from the left):

Mike Hill - Bass, vocals, b vocals
Terry Murray - Guitars 
Nigel Crouch - Keyboards
Jeff Mansell - Drums

Mike Hill - From Watford to NorwayBut let`s take it from the top. Where do we begin?
Somewhere along the rainbow, birds sing happy songs and never cared much about who sang the songs on the radio. Whether it was Yes or this group, they didn`t even bother to find out. There was even a day when Keith Moon entered the studio and all the buses in London were still moving along the same routes as before.

Riddles are fun, but what about telling the story?
There are some cats that are not out of the bag yet, so we would appreciate a little bit of patience (Guns n roses, yeah yeah yeah) before the door is opened. Thank you.




Sheets of Paper

Having worked with Mike for more than 25 years, it`s a big honor to present all these great songs that he wrote decades ago and still hadn`t done anything with.

They were just laying helplessly in the drawer, gasping for air, like living words on sheets of paper. How on earth someone in the music industry hasn`t spotted him before, we might never know - it seems beyond miraculous. And when you first start thinking about it, someone could be knocking on your door, asking for “The partymaker”, “Locked in my room” or even “The money song”. But you wouldn`t know how to handle that situation, because these songs are not published yet.

You understand? Yes, there is a reason for everything.

“I have no secrets - no thoughts of yesterday”  

Left my heart in the city

All about feelings

There are those who says that music doesn`t affect them. We don`t believe this to be true. Unless they are deaf or got some sort of hearing disability, everyone is affected by music. How do I know? I don`t. But it feels right. It`s a "being human"-thing, I suppose. We are living creations. Let`s do this together. 


Mike has been writing songs since he was a little kid. 


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