What is a good song?

Aha, so you`ve just finished writing a song and feel very ecstatic and happy about it. This must surely be what everybody will love to listen to, right?

Unfortunately, no. That is not how it works. And you know it.

So what is it that makes a song good, or even better, great?  The socalled "experts" might have discussed this issue since the birth of Adam, but they never seem to agree with eachother. Some say its the melody that makes it great, while others argue that the lyrics are most important. Then you`ve got the audiophiles, who prefer to listen to what sounds best on their own hifi-system / the best recordings, technically speaking. Another important group is the dancers, where the name speaks for itself, who "needs a beat that trigger the feet" - you must be able to dance to it. Then theres the genre-lovers who only listen to their type of music style, like jazz, country, metal, opera, pop, classical etc.

But we here at Music For Songwriters got our own conclusion on what makes a good song : All and nothing.

In other words, there is no way to make up a recipe on how to make good songs. Its too personal for each and everyone of us.

So dont be afraid of doing things you have never done before when it comes to songwriting. 

Our goal is to create various types of backing tracks that inspires you to make good songs.

Happy songwriting!