Studio Equipment

Here is a list (updated 05.June 2021) of our current studio gear (audio):

Recording hardware
Allen & Heath Qu-32 Digital mixer
RME ADI-648 Advanced Digital Interface
2 * RME ADI-8 QS AD/DA Converter
RME TDIF-1 AD/DA Converter
Steinberg Nuendo 8 IO AD/DA Converter
Korg D32-XD 32 track recorder

Field recording hardware
Zoom H6
Zoom R24

Universal Audio 610 Mic preamp
SPL Goldmike Mic preamp
SPL Mindprint Envoice Mic preamp

Controller hardware
WK Audio ID Controller
NI Maschine MK2
NI Maschine Jam

Recording/editing/mastering software 
Cubase 11 Pro
Nuendo 4

Hardware DAW Processors
Universal Audio Octo (121 plugins)
Universal Audio Quad
Universal Audio Duo
Universal Audio UAD-1
TC Electronics Express

Software instruments and plugins
NI Komplete 11 Ultimate
EastWest Quantum Leaps Composer pack
Universal Audio DSP
Synthstation Pro

Shure SM-353
Mipro VM-88 * 2 pieces (stereo pair)
Røde K2
Beyerdynamic M260 * 2 pieces (stereo pair)
Røde USB
Shure Beta 87
Shure Sm-57
Shure Sm-58
AKG Elle
Cad Equitek 300

Speakers & amplifiers
Amcron custom made studio monitors & amps
Dynaudio BM12a w/sub
JBL AM6212/95
JBL Control 28
Labgruppen IP2100
Yamaha NS-10
Celestion 7000
Denon DRA-700AEDAB
Behringer Truth
Graham Slee Novo headphone amp

Hear technologies - Hearback HUB

Acoustic Research AR-H1
AKG 240
AKG 702 Quincy Jones
Audioquest Nighthawk
Beyerdynamic D11
Beyerdynamic DT770PRO (5 sets)
Blue Ella (2 sets)
B&W P7
Bose QC35
Pioneer SE-1 Master
Polk Audio 4shot
Sennheiser Urbanite
Sony WH-1000XM3

Digital pianos
Roland RD-2000
Roland Hpi-50
Korg Triton Studio 88
Yamaha DG-640

Keyboards, synths & modules
Akai Synthstation 49
Casio XW-G1
Korg MS-2000B
Korg Karma
Korg Triton Classic
Korg Microkorg Air
Korg Electribe EM-1
Korg Electribe ER-1
Nektar Impact LX88
Roland A-49
Roland Bk-7m + FC7
Roland D-05
Roland Discovery-5
Roland Fantom 06
Roland GW-8
Roland G-1000
Roland VP-550
Yamaha DJX
Yamaha Mox-6

Gibson Les Paul Standard
Fender Stratocaster USA
Martin DC-16GTE
Ibanez Nylon

Guitar amps 
Fender Hot Rod Deville MK2
Marshall Valvestate 8080
Fishman Loudbox mini (2 pieces)
Randall DH400 Top with cabinet

Guitar hardware effects
TC Voicelive 2
Zoom G3-xOn
Zoom G1-xon
Zoom AC7 
POD Live XT Pro
Multiple floor pedals

Fender Precision USA
Gretsch Junior
Ibanez Acoustic

Universal Audio plugins  
AKG BX 20 
Ampex ATR-102
Antares Auto-Tune Realtime 
API 550A 
API 560 
API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor 
API Vision Channel Strip
Avalon VT-737sp 
Bermuda Triangle 
Brigade Chorus 
Capitol Chambers Reverb
Century Tube Channel Strip 
Chandler Limited Curve Bender 
Cooper Time Cube MkII 
dbx 160
Empirical Labs Distressor
EMT 140
EMT 250 
EP-34 Tape Echo 
Eventide H910 Harmonizer 
Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection 
Fender 55 Tweed Deluxe 
Galaxy Tape Echo 
Harrison 32C 
Helios Type 69 EQ 
Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ 
Korg SDD-3000 
LA-3A Audio Leveler
Lexicon 224 
Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects 
Little Labs IBP 
Little Labs VOG 
Manley Massive Passive 
Manley Variable Mu 
Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip 
Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555
Moog Multimode Filter 
Moog Multimode Filter XL 
MXR Flanger-Doubler 
Neve 88RS Channel Strip 
Neve 88RS Preamp and Channel Strip
Neve 1073 EQ & 1073SE EQ 
Neve 1073 Preamp and EQ 
Neve 1081 EQ & 1081SE EQ 
Neve 31102 & 31102SE EQ 
Neve 33609 & 33609SE Compressor 
Neve Preamp
Ocean Way Studios 
Oxide Tape
Precision Buss Compressor 
Precision De-Esser 
Precision Enhancer Hz 
Precision Enhancer kHz 
Precision Equalizer
Precision K-Stereo 
Precision Limiter 
Precision Maximizer 
Precision Mix Rack Collection 
Precision Multiband
Pultec EQ Collection
Pure Plate Reverb 
Roland Dimension D 
Roland RE-201 Space Echo 
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor 
SPL Transient Designer 
SSL E Channel Strip  
SSL E Preamp and Channel Strip
SSL G Bus Compressor 
SSL G Plus 
Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder
Studio D Chorus 
Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection 
Thermionic Culture Vulture 
Trident A-Range         
TS Overdrive         
UA 175-B Limiter         
UA 176 Limiter         
UA 610-A Tube Preamp and EQ         
UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ         
UA 1176 Limiter Collection     
V76 Preamplifier

Softsynths iOS (Ipad)
Pure Synth
Mellotron XL
Model D
Model 15
Digital D1
Galileo 2
Streetlytron Pro
Korg iDS-10
Arctic prosynth
Korg MS-20
Korg Gadget 2
Poison 202
Addictive synth
Synclavier Go!
Korg iM1
Drum Session
Module Pro
Beatmaker 3
Arturia iSEM
Bassalicious 2
Korg iPolysix
Etheremin MKII
House Mark I
Shimmer Fx
Bleass alpha
Korg iSyn Poly
Korg iMono/Poly
Oriental strings
Colossus piano
iGrand piano
M3000 HD
Korg iElectribe Gorillaz version

iOS Recording software & Control
Auria 2
Cubasis 2 
Qu-control for Allen & Heath Qu-32
Qu-Pad for Allen & Heath Qu-32
Audiobus 2
Audiobus 3

All for you

All the music you find on this website has been produced by norwegian company Music for Songwriters.

We are a family business located in the outskirts of Kristiansand city in the southern part of Norway. Having participated in many different projects (commercials, studio-recordings, live shows, events, music videos etc) and worked with lots of talented artists and musicians over the years, we aim to be in continual progress and hope that will be appreciated by everyone who loves making music.

Cutting a long story short, we normally spend about 2-3 days producing each backing track. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But there can be many hickups along the way, as this involves the processes of arranging, recording, programming, mixing and mastering the music. So even if some if the tracks may sound "easy" or dull - this is done on purpose - so that the songwriter/artist/instrumentalist can shine when adding the most important piece(es) ; the melody, lyrics, improvisation(s) and/or whatever other tracks needed. 

Thereafter, it`s easier to add more instruments like synth, ambience sounds, effects, instrumental fills etc if you want to. And we can also help you with this, by bringing in the right musician for your song to shine brightest.

Don`t forget you can use our music in multiple ways (cut & paste any way(s) you want) and how many times you want to. So you can add an extra verse or skip a refrain etc. Or even more difficult tasks.

But any way you look at it - music is made to provoke feelings. That`s your main goal. As a musician, singer or songwriter (or even producer) - you must always keep this in mind. Does this song provoke any special feelings or is it just another song? We do not have the answer. And this is what`s so exciting about music. It`s almost like a football match, where everything can happen...

We have already been writing songs to our music and we will continue to do so. And we invite you to join us. 

In fact, why dont you start right now and express your loved one(s) how much you love him/her/them by writing a personal song, poem, rap or whatever you can think of - we can almost guarantee that your effort will be appreciated beyond imagination. 

Just think about it - who gets their own personal lovesong all of a sudden?  Now, that is a surprise of dimensions...

Musical freedom
Do you feel imprisoned by your friends, colleagues or family to keep within a specific style of music?

You don`see many countryartists perform or release hip-hop songs. Why not?

It`s because the record companies or marketers of the artist think this will damage the artist`s reputation and that they will lose fans and followers because of it. Is this really true? Maybe.



All the things you see 

All the things you see

When you are a musician playing in bars, nightclubs and company events - you see lots of things you are not supposed to see. This includes people of the higher classes of society. And most times you meet them they are at their most vulnerable ; when they`re drunk. And after a while, you become friends with them. But you only see them when they are drunk. Is there a problem here?









Guitarplayer Robert Wilhelmsen & Bassplayer Gordon Hauge also love music. Just…

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Should artists proclaim their faith? 

Many artists have been reluctantly hesitant to express their views on life, the afterlife and other personal issues. But why should we hide our faith? What are we afraid of? Is it better to wrap it in like lyrics in music? 

Some claim artists will sell or stream less, if they proclaim their faith. This is because they risk losing all their fans that believe in something else. 

By hiding it in the lyrics, people of all faiths and beliefs might become fans of their music.

It is written : "Be wise as

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Mike Hill - The Prototype of a Pop/Rock-Star 



Don`t you just love it when an underdog rises against all odds and beats the whole established kabush? 

Nobody in the record business has given Mike Hill a chance yet. Although he was very close to be given a fully-fledged record deal with his first band in Watford called "Berlin". This was in the 70`s and the record company had their sight on two competing bands, "Berlin" and a half decent progrockband. Sadly, the deal went to the progrockers. Maybe it was because of their strange bandname. They…

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Internet - The Anarchy Evolves 

Yes, yes yes - the internet keeps evolving. What else is new?

Nothing special. But we need to get our minds wrapped around the fact that it is NOT impossible to make a living out of writing and producing songs and music, if you learn how to control just a little part of it. 

But first you need to understand how it works. And that is not a minor task. Especially when it is in constant change, hereby evolving. So - what CAN you do to prepare yourself and take the first steps into the new reality? 

Whatever you…

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Why do you write songs? 

There are many reasons to write a song, but let`s narrow it down to 2 main why`s  :

1.Emotional reasons (f.ex you feel there is something/a feeling you need to get out of your chest)
2.To become famous and/or make money

Are we saying its wrong to write music to make money or to become famous? No, not at all.

However, we believe it is easier to become successful if you put your true feelings behind it.

Thats all, folks.

Happy songwriting!

What is a good song? 

Aha, so you`ve just finished writing a song and feel very ecstatic and happy about it. This must surely be what everybody will love to listen to, right?

Unfortunately, no. That is not how it works. And you know it.

So what is it that makes a song good, or even better, great?  The socalled "experts" might have discussed this issue since the birth of Adam, but they never seem to agree with eachother. Some say its the melody that makes it great, while others argue that the lyrics are most important. Then…

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How to remember your idea - record it everywhere 

You must record your idea onto something before you forget it. (Or write it down if you know how.)

But the most important thing is not how good quality recorder you have got, but that you have got one available.

There will always be a studio around to record it in later, with better quality and all of that, but your idea will get lost if you don`t save it.

You can use anything from an old laptop to your mobile phone, as long as it got a built in microphone.

When inspiration comes calling - record it…Read more

Music and Art: Bringing Nations Together 

Music Bands: Bridging the Gap

There was a time when all music bands tended to stay in their home country, particularly those who were non-American. The impact of smaller, more alternative bands being able to present their music to the world has been huge! Suddenly, anyone can buy a cd of music from India, Russia, or Japan, without having to even travel to the country.

When music bands first began to cross borders, they usually did so with countries similar to their own. A West German band might play in…Read more

For the Love of Guitars 

  For the adoration of guitars in its emergence within the world of music; people have travelled a long way to find its beautiful sound. Hearing and sight are a couple of the senses triggered by the music coming from the strumming of the strings. Many cultures look forward to the reinvention of the guitar's orchestration in a new piece of music.

The Acoustic guitar is one of the most familiar pieces in this family of instruments. The body is hollowed out and the strings are generally made of nylon. It…Read more

Simple Steps towards a Successful Career in the Music Business  

  A successful career in the Music Business is something that many people dream about. Unfortunately, this dream comes true only for a small number of people. But things have changed a great deal in the music industry over the past ten years. With the emergence of the Internet and the numerous technical advances that we have witnessed, things are a lot different now in this industry. Business models have changed and so have the ways of recording, distributing and marketing music. The digital music…Read more

Who are we? What have we done? What is coming?

Here are some of the brilliant minds, artists and projects we have worked with over the years. We are all very famous people, but almost noone knows about it - yet. So we need to fix that. Wanna join us? There is still room for one more happy soul...

This is not the end

It`s not even the beginning. However, we will carry on. Just like 007 - Mr James Bond.