Exclusive backing track "STEEL INVASION" for sale!

KRISTIANSAND, NORWAY: It`s truly happening... we`re taking off by launching YOUR next backing track : "Steel Invasion".  Have you got what it takes? Can your song invade the billboard charts just like Space Invaders did back in the eighties?

The first track from the highly acclaimed songwriter & producer Rob Alien - "Steel Invasion" is also the first track we make available for exclusive copyright purchase. This means the track will be excluded from our shop so noone else can buy it after the date of purchase. It will be yours only - forever. 

We may accept lower bids or offers, but as long as its available on this page, first buyer gets the deal done. Technicalities aside, Mr Rob Alien has with this remarkable effort, made an overpowered rock/heavymetal backing track suitable for both men and female voices, making other songwriters and producers like Quincy Jones and Desmond Child feel misguided. "Rob is practically reinventing the eighties from scratch!", Pumpingstein (artist/producer) admits and acknowledges how history has changed over the last years. Everything starts off in shallow waters with delightful clean guitars steadying ships building up to a majestic ride between fighting guitarnecks harnessing frenzy picks and fingers running up and down the fretboard side by side - raging against a mental metal drummer smashing his drums like there`s no tomorrow or yesterday`s call.

Now, can you follow up as the vocalist in the band? This is happening now. Do you feel the pressure? Will you be the first artist that makes it big with this backing track? It`s time to put your songwriting skills to the test by writing the vocal part(s) to this hardhitting monstersingle and make it into a blockbusting superhit - all you need is a catchy melody and some nice haunting lyrics (just to scare off the little ones). Get in the right frame of mind and be creative. Good luck!

The above backing track "Steel Invasion" is currently only for sale as the prestigious exclusive copyright version. You will then OWN it 100%. All rights are yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Noone else will have bought it before you or obtained it in any other legal way. It has never been on the internet or released in any way(s). If noone buys it exclusively, it will become available for $19.95 as an ordinary backing track within a specific timeframe from release (not decided yet for this track). All new backing tracks will be released exclusively first. There might be one customer (manager / director) who is looking for the exact backing track like this for one of his artist(s), and if so, we are happy to help him or her out. It`s a very slick way to get things done quickly. If it sounds right - it`s right.

But honey, I`m broke - I haven`t got any money to spend on recording at all.

No problem. We still got your back covered. Just join our mailing list and you will get a 100% free backing track you can do whatever you want with. You will also get access to the music library, so you can check out our other backing tracks. And whenever you have written a song and uploaded it to Youtube, send us the link and you win another free backing track. Remember to send us the link you your Youtube-video AND the name of the backing track you want. You can repeat this process three times.

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Top 3 Most Popular Backing Tracks

Here are our 3 most popular backing tracks. Congratulations to ourselves, the duo Twinhead, which reached nr.1 on Ourstage.com with the backing track "Fever". All we did was add some synth and a voice (with lyrics and melody) and we got our first no.1. Lol. You can listen to it on Ourstage here.

"Jerusalem" is ready to become your next rock-inspired single, begging for a catchy melody leading up to a powerful refrain. "Miss you" is an ultraslow ballad, where you really need to sink deep into the enigmatic atmosphere of your inner self. Get in touch with your subconscious mind to let your creative juices flow.

You can make so many stories with only these three backing tracks.

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