Tips on Landing A Record Deal

Thankfully, in this day and age getting signed to a record label is no longer the only way to go from bedroom musician to internationally touring superstar, but record labels do still play an important role in developing and marketing new artists.

But how do you get signed to a record label? How do you know what is a good deal? And what do you do when you are signed to retain your record deal?

The key to getting a record label to consider your music is to present yourself in a way that makes it clear to them that you are a good investment, because after all record labels are indeed businesses and so they are likely to perceive you as a ‘product’, and just like in the Dragons Den, they will be the Dragon that makes a decision whether you’re a valuable investment of the record labels time and money or not.

Record label A&R scouts typically only respond to a small percentage of emails they receive from aspiring artists, here are some tips on contacting and building relationships with record labels.

Do's and Don'ts When Contacting Record Labels

* Don't attach large files to emails, add links to files instead.

* Don't include your whole biography in your contact email, just introduce yourself, explain why you're getting in contact and add a link to your full press pack.

* Don't pester record labels if they don't reply to you - inform them of your updates creatively (Twitter being an ideal platform)

* Don't contact record labels unless you're ready for a record deal.

* Do make your demo stand out with creative packaging, or a thought provoking email subject line

* Do include your contact details on every item you send to a record label (including the CDR!)

* Do research the record label before you send your demo to them to ensure you are not wasting their time

* Don't start your emails or press pack off with 'Dear A&R Scout' or 'Dear Record Label Manager', instead address the contact by their name even if it requires quickly phoning up before hand.

There you have it, I hope this helps you get your music career off to a good start. Good Luck and have fun!

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  • Charli Smith
    Charli Smith Australia
    I am studying music theory and was wondering if there are any fun tips on how to remember some things.

    I am studying music theory and was wondering if there are any fun tips on how to remember some things.

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