Making Your Own Music

You know you love music, but aren’t sure how to articulate it on paper. A little determination and desire to create music is all it takes to get you started. Becoming a songwriter can be incredibly rewarding and knowing…Read more

A Better understanding of Royalty Free Music

  Music is a big business: worldwide, revenues exceed $40 billion, which includes proceeds from sales, as well as royalties when songs are played in bars, restaurants, movies, televisions shows, on radio, or by cover bands. Because many productions,…Read more

It starts with the ear

What makes a pro recording pro? What is the "sound" that the pros get and how can you make your recordings sound more professional?

The simple answer is - there's no simple answer. But with careful listening and…Read more

Changing Pace

Habituation is the name for our tendency to respond less to something the more we’re exposed to it. While the concept is academically important to psychologists and biologists, it also has enormous significance for anyone serious about mixing or…Read more

Mixing Tips

Mixing always takes longer than you expect:
We lose track of time when we’re enjoying ourselves. So allow for this, and give yourself lots of time to record and mix. For example, don’t put aside a single day…Read more

Making Your Cheap Mic Worthwhile

For most home recordists, working with cheap microphones is a fact of life. “Amateur” and “budget-constrained” are practically synonymous in audio engineering.

But cheap doesn’t have to mean bad. With a little effort, even the most cost-conscious mic…Read more

Building A Computer Based Recording Studio

Want to turn your home PC into a complete Recording studio to record edit, and play back digital audio files, this article, describes how and what you need do it.
Do you possess a multimedia PC with a…Read more

Making Music Your Day Job

Making a living in the music industry is the ideal dream of millions, but given the challenges that arise, only a small percentage of those dreamers ever fabricate their aspirations into a reality. So without further adue, here…Read more

Tips on Landing A Record Deal

  Thankfully, in this day and age getting signed to a record label is no longer the only way to go from bedroom musician to internationally touring superstar, but record labels do still play an important role in developing…Read more

Pre-studio Checklist

Since you’re paying your hard-earned money to a recording studio for their time, it’s in your best interest to go in prepared and maximize your use of their expertise/facility.

So, here’s a quick check list of what to…Read more

Practice and confidence

So here’s the basic rule: unless you achieve enough competency as a performer to put in enough feelings into the performance for the audience to pick out, they will not respond to you.

And therein lies the…Read more

If it drains you, don't do it!

Many musicians get into music because they LOVE playing drums, for example. They love it so much they want to do it for a living. But then the world says, “If you're going to be in the music business,…Read more