Music and Everything that comes with it

Music plays an essential role in our life. It gives life to the soul as food does to the body. It becomes the voice of the heart when plain words fall short of expressing how we feel. Music is first introduced to us by our mothers, our beloved musicians. The lullabies sang to us by our mothers when we were still small, in whatever language, notes or tune, have always been a delight to the little hearts. A melody forever playing in our mind.

As everything in life changes, so does music. It changes with the times and technology. From jazz to rock, from rock to hip-hop, and a lot of fusions in between. And together with the evolution of music is the advancement of technology in the delivery of music. These technologies or gadgets have brought music closer to us. Gone are the days when you have to go to a music place when you want to enjoy a night of music. In the advent of radio, people were able to start enjoying music at home. Today, the evolution of music gadgets has come a long way. With our trusty mp3 players, music has never been this available to us. Now, music is everywhere.

The music industry has always been a lucrative business as people readily spend their money for a musical experience. Studies have been made to understand the human need for music. But the common person certainly knows why, as music knows us. Music comes to us in different ways, it comes as an encouragement to the athlete or any dreamer, a hand that picks you up when you’re down, a comforting embrace when we’re heartbroken or even in grief. And, yes, what would life be without a love song behind every loving couple. Thus, we are flooded by love songs.

The thrill of listening to a new song or an old song made new, and of musicians wanting to make a mark in the world of music, will always keep the music industry alive. People won’t hesitate to pay for a good musical indulgence, be it purchasing a concert ticket or the newest CD or just downloading music over the internet to our latest mp3 player. It is a wonderful reality that music is very much embedded in our culture which greatly affects our values and way of life. Music will always be a beautiful companion.

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