Internet - The Anarchy Evolves

Yes, yes yes - the internet keeps evolving. What else is new?

Nothing special. But we need to get our minds wrapped around the fact that it is NOT impossible to make a living out of writing and producing songs and music, if you learn how to control just a little part of it. 

But first you need to understand how it works. And that is not a minor task. Especially when it is in constant change, hereby evolving. So - what CAN you do to prepare yourself and take the first steps into the new reality? 

Whatever you do - please don`t stop making music. We can never get too much of good music. But I need to reiterate ; good music. There is no room for mediocre music anymore (if it has ever been). Be professional and if you know there is something wrong or even just feel there is a glitch somewhere - react and fix it. If you don`t, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Small details may decide whether it will become a hit or not. If you don`t believe me, please read the story behind the norwegian trio A-ha`s blockbuster hit "Take on me". 

Small things matter - even in an everchanging anarchy like the internet.

Always try to be the best version of yourself. But please don`t fake it. You still need to be you.

Good luck!


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