How to Sing Better

How many times have you thought about How to Sing. There are some important steps you must keep in mind before start singing. These steps will not only help you to improve your singing but also help you to attract every one towards you.

The human voice is better than any musical instrument and is very flexible. Overuse of any instrument without servicing it may give a bad sound. Similarly with the human voice overuse without proper exercise and timely care can give bad results. Thus keeping a check on your singing abilities is very important. Richness of voice and improving singing can be done in many ways.

1. Relax your arms by placing them first away from the body, then to the sides and raising them to about 6 inches. This allows the ribcage to expand and while breathing in more air is drawn into the lungs. More air in the lungs improves the sound quality and projects one voice loud and clear.

2. Feet should be placed apart in the width of the shoulders. Also feet must be place firmly on the floor to give a good balance to the body. If sitting and singing, again the feet should be place firmly on the floor and sitting position should be upright without any slouch but no stiffness. The body should feel relaxed.

3. While singing the neck should be at ease. The breathing process should not be forced, which will disrupt the normal breathing process creating problems while singing. A slight movement of body is advisable as it will keep the body relaxed and the tone of sound will be natural and there will be some rhythm in the body also.

4. Pushing the stomach out while singing will let more air enter the lungs. While exhale, pulling the stomach in will help to control the notes and give better clarity to voice.

5. For high notes, raising your arms and singing and very high notes closing your eyes and singing helps in achieving the correct sound. Similarly for a sharp note bring your arms down would help.

Singing can be improved using many such techniques. But most importantly one should practice regularly. Practice makes one perfect and without practice any good singer could lose touch with his voice. While singing, the singer should enjoy the song. This can be done by singing songs that one likes and creating a certain rhythm in the body. This keeps the body relaxed and tension free and lets the human vocal chords function properly. Singing is an art that not everyone has. But those who possess this skill should cherish it and enhance it to its best capacity. Good luck and have fun!

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