Enjoying Life Through Music

Music is the food of soul. It is loved by one and all and is expressed in an incredibly different number of forms. Voice, violin, guitar, drum, piano, flute, mandolin and scores of other means are used to create music. These days all you need is to attract a recording studio and you can start creating music for the whole world.

People like to enjoy music in various ways. Many like to play musical instruments. Many others sing their heart out and lots of truly creative ones compose music. Dancing is another way of enjoying music as is listening to it, whether in a car audio, music player or iPod. You could also open your own record company and launch artists.

Children love music in any form. Even newborns love to hear soothing sounds. In fact doctors claim that playing soft music when a lady is pregnant helps a child in the womb calm down and become more musically inclined. Much of what a child likes in music depends upon what he has been exposed to in his childhood. So, if you love listening to rock, your child will probably pick up that trait too. Newborns have been seen to respond positively to melodious tunes. Many cranky babies become quieter on being exposed to rhythmic and soft sounds. Mothers have been known to help their babies sleep with the sweet strains of lullabies. Parents can download music software that allows them to ensure soothing music for their little one.

Music is everything for the romantics. They use it to express their feelings when words fail them. Innumerable songs have been written and will be composed by lovers around the world to woo their beloved. A lover holding flowers and singing while kneeling down at her balcony is one of the more enduring romantic pictures of all time. Even in earlier times lovers resorted to music to propose and impress. Heartbreak is also best described through music. How else can a jilted lover express his anguish but by sad numbers? Tribes in any civilization have used songs and dances to encourage mating and this process is still followed subtly in the pubs and bars of the world today. A disc jockey may have replaced a singer or musician, but the concept remains the same.

For lovers of dance, music is the prime component. Dance is one of the easiest ways to fell completely free. But unless there is some good foot tapping number on, dancing is out of the question. Even if you have two left feet, you will sway to the sounds of the popular songs. Music is the life of parties. Discos and bars cannot do without it. Whether it is a wedding dance or a birthday bash, music downloads can make any social occasion full of fun.

So love music to love life. You not only lift your mood while listening to good music but can also change the world by creating meaningful songs.

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