Includes Licenses To All 12 MFS Albums (Vol 1-12)
Lots of Bonus Material + New Releases
Only $997 
(Normal price $2,812) 

Nothing is the same anymore. Being stuck inside four walls can be quite challenging.

But now you can spend your time wisely and create and publish songs for a fraction of the original price.

Become a musical superhuman and write new songs every day.

Click on each albumcover for more info and listen to the backing tracks: 


- Download All Released MFS Vol 1-8 (totals 124 different backing tracks)

- Download 4 Secret Albums Vol 9-12 (totals 73 backing tracks) that has never been released before 

- Download over 15 BONUS Extended Backing Tracks that lasts over 10 minutes each

- UNLIMITED Licenses Release & publish as many songs you want with our backing tracks under one artist/band-name

- Access to All Our Projects Join one or more of our different projects and become a featured artist

- Includes New & Upcoming Backing Tracks that hasn`t been produced or released yet

Albums 1-8 contains 124 backing tracks. Albums 9-12 contains 73 backing tracks
Click on the albums to listen to the backing tracks. 

Some of the tracks have been produced in two different keys (A and E or Am and Em).

The price for all these tracks are normally $19.95 * 197 = $3,930, but since we treat the versions produced in two different keys as one, the price is $19.95 * 140 =  $2,812 + 15 Bonustracks

But in reality, you get license to all 197 backing tracks for only $997, and we think this must be one of the best deals on the planet.  If you don`t agree, we challenge you to go and check out Soundbetter.com or any other backing track provider and see if you can find an offer that even comes close to ours. 

This is only possible because we own 100% of all the music. You will not find this offer anywhere else. 

We have heard of one backing track license being sold for the same price as all our backing tracks in total, where they don`t even get to keep the rights to the song they make with it. No, it`s not a joke. Go and check for yourself.  

And don`t forget - we are here to help you in case you need adding more instruments to your song or whatever it is. Whatever you can get down to words - we can do.

We can bring in any kind of musician you want. We also do mixing and mastering.

Apply for a record deal
We became a small label in november of 2020, and we are always looking for creative and talented topliners and musicians who would like to work with us. As a member, you will be given highest priority, where we will do our best to help boost & develop your artist career and provide you with all our backing tracks (that you will not find anywhere else legally) to please your musical taste and style.

Your dreams, visions & ambitions for your music career can become reality if you act on it.


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This purchase makes you download all Music For Songwriter`s 12 albums (Vol 1-12) and a license to publish an unlimited number of different songs and projects using any of these backing tracks. However, this license is valid to one person only. All rights to these newly made songs or improvisations belong to you. You can not give away or sell this license to anyone. You can not sell or give away any of the backing tracks as they are. This is a criminal offense and will be persecuted.

Listen to all the backing tracks by clicking on the album covers.

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