FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can I benefit from your backing tracks?

  • If you`re on a low budget and haven`t got the time to find the right musicians, book a studio, arrange, mix and produce the music
  • If you feel stuck with writer`s block and want to try something new
  • If you can`t play an instrument but still think you can make some cool melody lines
  • If you want to invite or challenge a friend, colleague or loved one to write a song together
  • If you need to showcase your improvisation skills
  • If you`re in a hurry and need to write a new song now
  • If you have left your band and/or want to kickstart your solo-career
  • If you simply just love having fun with music
  • and many more...

2.Why not use your music? 

  • If you don`t like the way they sound
  • If you can`t accept that other artists and songwriters like yourself can use the same backing tracks in their songs (OBS : They can not use your melody line or lyrics)
  • If you think it`s too cheap

3.What`s the difference between your music and other "Royaltyfree music" on the market?
Here you can add your own content (instruments, sound effects, voiceovers, melody lines etc) and resell the finished track as your own. This is called "to create derivative works", where you keep 100% of the rights to the finished song, even if it becomes a nr.1 Billboard Hit. Most other royaltyfree music-providers on the market won`t let you do this. Update! A duo called Twinhead reached #1 in the category PUNK on Ourstage.com some time ago with one of our backing tracks. 

4.Can I use your music in any way that I want to? Are there no limitations?
The only thing you are not allowed to do is to give away or resell our music as it is (unchanged). Other than that, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Basically, you can treat our music the same way as you do with "samples" and loops, where most of our samples are over three minutes long.

5.Can I use your backing music on my next CD album?
Yes, once you have added a vocal melody line, instrumental part or spoken word etc to our music you can release it anywhere you want under your own artist name and title.

6.Do I have to write your name in the credit list on the album cover etc?
No, but we would be happy if you did.

7.What if I make a song with one of your backing tracks and another artist (who have also used the same backing track) accuses me of copyright infringement?
When you have written the melody and/or other content to our backing music, you should register your song as soon as possible to protect it. See more details here. When you have paid for any of our backing music tracks (our property), you are given a license from us which allows you to use it as you wish as long as you add enough content to it so it validates a new & unique copyright, i.e. you can create derivative works with it (write a new melody and/or add other content to it) and resell it under your own artist name, keeping 100% of the rights to the new track (your property). You also acknowledge that other artists may do the same with our backing music (our property).

8.Is there a money back guarantee?
Sadly, no. Due to the nature of the product (downloadable mp3-files), we hope you understand that we can not give you a money back guarantee. If you think that sounds unfair, try to imagine how much time, money and effort you save by using our backing tracks. Thank you.





Be a star - Actual reality show


Created with the backing track "Flowerjoy", here`s the musicvideo to "We are", the new supportersong for the norwegian sportsclub Tveit IL - performed by Frank Wold Pettersen :



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